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The Apothecary's House, Askrigg

Bed and Breakfast in the Yorkshire Dales

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Dr. James Lightfoot, Askrigg

Declaration on beginning business

Most gracious God who alone has the power to give success to my undertakings. I Thy most unworthy servant, whom thou has appointed to administer Physick, to be a help and comfort to all those who are aflicted with sickness, and in extremity of Pain; do with all Humility prostrate myself before Thee, beseeching Thee to grant me Thy Divine assistance in these my performances, have mercy upon and bless me, guide me and govern me in all my actions, prosper all my undertakings; and grant that I may be as careful of the poor, as of the Rich, that I may do good and not harm, save life and not destroy it: Help my infirmities and imperfections O Lord! and grant that I may neither be too rash nor too timorous in the performance of my Duty but grant me Art and Judgement in the happy finishing of all my Operations, work in me a tender heart and whatever else is necessary for me to Thy glory and by my own credit and whensoever my duty calls me either by night or by day I may be always prepared. Preserve and defend me from the infection of all contagious diseases, and grant me a prosperous success, that whatsoever I do or undertake may add to Thy Glory and comfort and help of all those committed to my charge, and my own credit, through Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Redeemer, Amen.

(as quoted in "Yorkshire Village" by Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby and published by Smith Settle Ltd., Otley)